Captain America 2011

Apparently marvel has selected Chris Evans of “Push” fame to play the role of the infamous Steve Rogers better known as Captain America for its 2011 release of the film.  Looking at some of the iconic images got me thinking a bit.

What is it about superheroes that we need in todays culture.  It seemed as though the Cap died with the Post War Era given that hitler was no longer, people had no more use for this overzealous American wonder boy.  Now Marvel decides its time to bring him out of the moth balls.  I can only imagine what the thinking might be….

And while this is interesting, i’ve decided to invent my own understanding of the modern need for heroes.  I have no beef with brown people, but I do have a need to be protected.  There is something deep inside that has terrified to the core, something out there that is seeking to destroy me like a ravenous beast, and I feel vunerable and paralyzed at times.  I have a small child living inside of me that desperately needs rescue from the forces of evil.  I’ve spent a lot of time praying to the heavens for my Deus Ex Machina or Angel of Salvation, I know down in my soul that the task has fallen to me.  It’s as if G-d himself has handed me the shield and trained my body against the buffets of adverse conditions.  There is a part of me that has become the Avenger.  I know it sounds corny, but I see the two parts of myself clearly.  “The boy and the grown man” The child is my sensitivity, my intuition, and creative self, the Man becomes the protector, the fighting spirit, and the defender of boundaries.

If you are confused about this, discover the movie “The Road” A movie about a father protecting his boy in a post apocalyptic landsacpe…critically accalimed and recently released and see if it doesn’t touch a nerve or two…watch the trailer here.

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