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Hi everyone,

I was going to do a post today about confronting the other woman, since that has recently become an issue I’ve chosen to deal with, BUT….we were interviewed by a wonderful gal from redbook who put our story on their website. I am so proud of the way she chose to portray us, & score one for an accurate depiction of sex addiction in the media! Would be so honored if you would check it out:


Much love,

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  1. Eve
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 19:58:04

    Do you know why he had that in him? Did something happen when he was little that it triggers it?


  2. Eve
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 21:12:38

    Also how did you feel after all those times over and over again after he did it to you? Did you feel like that people looked at you like your a woman who is just going to keep on taking his ways or did you feel like there was still some hope? Im sorry im asking all these questions and wish there was a more private way of chatting. I just also wondering to when you stated he admitted himself into treatment that its better for them vs them trying to go to save the relationship! Not sure what you meant by it.


  3. mel b
    Jul 30, 2014 @ 05:29:32

    MY TEXT TO MY SA tonight.. History- I discovered this “Secret life” in Jan while my mom was sick and I was trying to take care of her. He was on marital affair sites and was busted after forgetting to delete a pic to a girl. After a staggered disclosure I learned he had a history (before we were married but while we were dating) of prostitutes, escorts massage parlors, strip clubs for sex and internet profile stalking add well as inappropriate flirtation and messaging with female at work. AfterShe passed away in Feb 2014. She was 63, I’m 35. I sent this text tonight, my first night home after burying my mom’s ashes in another state.He didn’t come at my request for “space”. Anytime I spoke with him while I was gone was about him and his recovery. He didn’t ask once about me. I was away burying my mom for goodness sake!

    I feel alone in this relationship. I love you and try so hard to be there for you despite the tortuous pain it causes me. I feel like there is no me in the “relationship”. I’m only suppose to listen to you and try my best to be supportive. When it comes to me you shut down. Your anxiety and body aches, stress take over and…it’s over, it’s all about you and you check out. Where do I fit in into this “relationship”. Do I even register in it?Rhetorical question I suppose. I have learned my place. It’s wherever it may serve you, or at the way- wayside. My God, how I have loved you, wanted to give you my love, my whole heart. I grieve heavily what may have been, what would have, could have, SHOULD have been. You shower me with all your pain and then reject me the second I give you a brief glimpse into mine. And I also know that sending you this, voicing my hurt and sorrow may “trigger” you. You use my pain, it’s no longer mine either. You have stolen that from me as well, it’s yours now, you take it as fuel for your fire . You take and you take. I cannot have voice in this marriage. My voice, my feelings, my needs are for nigh. As long as I’m with you it seems as though they are for nothing. An empty bottle, an unanswered SOS. I no longer exist here. You use my pain as an excuse, a outlet to live in the land of denial and fuel your fire of addiction and self hate. You forget it’s MY pain, and hurt. Not yours. I- AM-ALONE here. You never were! – he is in “recovery” for a few moths now.


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