Does this surprise anyone?

Ok so this is far from shocking.  I am inclined to immeditately take the side of the plaintiffs…considering there are now over 3 seperate suits filled, it is not looking good for this guy.  The pastor has hired people to defend him accusing the plaintiffs of having criminal records and of trying to extort money out of his pockets.  The thing i find hard to believe is that young men would be dragged across the world stage letting everyone know that a pastor had performed oral sex on them unless they were serious about the abuse.  I don’t think any young guy would be able to withstand that kind of humiliation just for some pocket cash.  This STINKS to me.  The fact that the pastor is turning it around and accusing those he’s already abused is just SO NASTY.  Although i can identify cause its exactly what i did.  This kind of character is what the church has come to be defined by.  WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO A MAN LIKE THIS FOR SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE.  Now people will blame G-d for the abuse and abandon Him in their grief.  I love G-d enough to support the scrutiny and judgement of organized religion.  We desperately need a house cleansing, I know because I am one of them that needed to be exposed.  The truth is the only thing that can honestly set us free…Eddie can still experience the grace of G-d if he would expose himself and make ammends.  So can countless others.  It is never too late, no matter how much damage you think you may cause by telling the truth, how MUCH greater the damage that is done by keeping yourself and those around you in deceit.  You may think you are hurting no one, not even yourself, but you have never been further off the mark.  Eddie is sick, he has built an empire, and has called down too many authoritative “words from the lord” to be in a safe environment anymore.  Too much is at stake for him to afford being HUMAN.  Too much is at stake for him to be honest, so he invents a performer in order to keep the status quo.  An imposter to give the people what they want.  A saint and not a sinner.  This was my game and continues to be the game of many “religious” people.  Make no mistake it is only a matter of time before you are on the front page of the news.

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